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Healing Power of Sunlight

Healing Power of Sunlight- Jakob Lorber

Title: The Healing Power of Sunlight
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Details: This book contains writings on the spiritual relevance of sunlight and how it interacts with fundamental properties for different effects. The majority of this work are collections of sunlight-based alchemical remedies for various types of illnesses.

The Healing Power of Sunlight

Orthodox medicine, in step with our modern civilization, has attempted to substitute thousands of medical preparations for the healing powers of nature which are so abundantly offered to mankind.

Sunlight provides the healing power of nature, and through its radiation, the life-sustaining properties are absorbed by the air, water, herbs, fruits and other mediums utilized by the homeopath for the benefit of the suffering patient. Because the sun is the source of all natural development and is able to convey the healing power necessary for the restoration of good health to the body, why not use, trust and have faith in this divine source of healing power?

This booklet will describe many ways in which the healing energy from the sun can be directly transferred to substances of the mineral, plant and animal kingdom. Therefore, materials such as globuli, poppy oil, camphor milk powder become unsurpassed remedies for patients that are a difficult challenge for modern medical science.

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