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The Great Gospel of John - Volumes 1-10

The Great Gospel of John Volume 1 - Book Cover

Title: The Great Gospel of John - Volumes 1-10
Price: $17.00/Volume

The Great Gospel of John

This book is recorded by Jakob Lorber (1800-1864) and is translated from its Austrian counter-part consisting of 10 volumes. The English translation is available for free in PDF format and consists of 25 Parts. We've taken the steps to bind the first three parts into print format and may possibly in the future publish a complete series but for now all we offer is our first edition of volume 1.

The Great Gospel of John depicts the last three years of the ministry and life of Jesus Christ; recording profound conversations that take place as Christ’s tale unfolds. These conversations usually occur between Jesus and his addressed listeners, but often trail off to conversations between the people accompanying Jesus, as well as interactions between the healed and the Pharisees. Also Jesus, his spirit knowing no boundaries, shares many things happening in the past, present, and future, and often will visit all three in order to explain a great explanation to his listeners.

One person’s opinion concerning The Great Gospel of John, “This book is full of high minded and heart swaying ideas that fill your stomach to the brim with every small serving, and yet digestion leaves you lighter and eager for your next meal.”

Much more information about the Jakob Lorber and The Great Gospel of John can be found in our ‘Links’ section and throughout the internet. The entire contents of this book are available via e-book for free, and can also be found in various places throughout the internet, such as community web-forums and specialty groups.

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