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About this Website

This website was created to bring together resources related to Jakob Lorber, and provide ebooks and books of his writings.

Jakob Lorber declares before each work that the true authorship of his writings is the spirit of Jesus Christ, by which he was instructed to listen and write throughout the last 24 years of his life.

During that time an immence amount of work has been accumulated, much of which has not yet been translated into English, and that which has, is available on this website and other websites referred to through this channel.

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The Challenge of Belief - A Message From the Editor

The eye and ear tries everything it encounters just as the tongue tastes everything that passes over it. This will surely also be the case when reading books associated with Jakob Lorber, or any book for that matter, including the Bible.

So I charge you as a person not fear what you pursue or encounter because God has given us faculty to discern and the strength to lead ourself in the most correct manner towards the glory prepared for the human creation.

In truth, Christ can teach a lesson using any work as a background. No matter what you encounter, faith in your day and delivery will be be your helmet, and your love will be your breastplate.

I hold in high regard these works written by the hand of Jakob Lorber. Over the years of reading, the content of these books have offered me many new ways to growth and have permenantly blessed me in all avenues of my life. Cheers and I hope you find the same!

Hudson Atwell

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